Whether you’re dealing with issues around your life/work balance, weight management, or you’ve just lost your spark, I can help. By working together with me, you can take back control of your health and live the life you’ve imagined!

Life Spark Wellness offers a range of coaching programs to inspire, motivate and empower you to achieve your health and wellness goals and live your best life.  Coaching can be the missing link to achieving your health and wellness goals by combining the mental and physical elements required to create lasting change.

Coaching looks at what YOU want to achieve and addresses the obstacles you face in getting there. It does this by developing with you, a personalised structured plan, with well-designed weekly actions and short-term goals that provide accountability, clarity, small steps and SUCCESS.

We offer wellness coaching (which addresses, your energy levels, stress, life balance, nutrition, fitness, weight and health), nutrition coaching and targeted menopause coaching.

I’m constantly setting new goals to help me achieve my best, healthiest life and I would love to speak with you about your goals and how we can achieve them together.

Call 0477 505 531 or email joanne@lifesparkwellness.com.au to arrange your FREE 15 minute initial consultation.


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Wellness Coaching

Nutrition Coaching

Menopause - Hormone Centric Health Management